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How Clarity Works

Clarity analyzes your inbox and groups mail into two major groups: mail you receive directly and mail you receive indirectly. These groups are each broken down further by read mail and unread mail. Suggestions based on this data discuss how you can bring comprehensible context to the tool you spend hours in each week.


  • If you open messages as a means of archiving or have filters that automatically mark mail as read, your Clarity report will not reflect the most accurate results and tips. To make this work better for you, archive mail without opening the message thread and ensure you don't have any filters that automatically mark mail as read.

  • Clarity does not introspect message labels and treats all mail the same whether it is archived or not. If you currently auto-label or auto-archive your mail, please note that the report may define senders/receivers you are already appropriately handling!

Inbox Zero Hero?

If you are already an Inbox Zero hero, great! Clarity can still give you insightful tips on how you can organize your inbox in ways that will save you time.


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Clarity uses Google Apps Script to analyze your email and generate a report. The script is run inside a secure sandbox and executed with your own Google account. The results are stored in your Google Drive so you can easily revisit the results. No data leaves your account. The only data stored as a result of using this tool is a single file in your Google Drive, which you can simply delete if you are done using this tool.


No commitments here. A few simple steps to say goodbye.

  1. When you signed up for Clarity you received an email with uninstallation instructions and a link to uninstall the script. Please start the uninstallation by clicking the "Uninstall Clarity" button. When the URL opens in your web browser click the "Uninstall" button.

  2. You will now need to review the access that you granted to Clarity when you first installed the script. Visit your Google account page in your web browser and choose "Security" on the left and then click "Edit" in order to view the authorized applications. From this list you will be able to revoke the access for Clarity.

  3. Lastly, simply delete the file in your Google Docs/Drive that is used for storing the Clarity data: "Clarity Data - Do Not Delete." Make sure to empty the item from your Docs/Drive Trash to permanently delete the file.

Created by Tanner Perrien